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Veterinarians often have questions about how to manage individual cases, but do not have easy access to a specialist for consultation. Veterinary Specialist Services can provide consultation via email or telephone for anesthesia, pain management, and clinical pharmacology problems.

Using this service is easy. Simply download the Microsoft Word form below, fill it out using your computer (or by hand), and return it. You can send it by email to anesthesiologist@veterinaryspecialistservices.com, or call 303-918-1321 for a phone consult. Every effort will be made to respond immediately, but please allow up to 48 hours. Copies of the medical record, recent blood work, and digital diagnostic imaging studies are extremely helpful and should be sent along with the consultation form if possible.

The cost for this service is very affordable. Payment can be made by credit card through PayPal and must be submitted with the form (use the buttons below to pay). For fax and email consultations a $75 charge will be billed to the credit card provided. For phone consultations additional charges may apply depending on the amount of time required. Please contact Veterinary Specialist Services for a detailed estimate. If your practice anticipates using this service frequently, you may request to be billed periodically rather than remitting payment with each request.

If you have any questions concerning our new service please contact Veterinary Specialist Services today.

Recieve answers to your consultation questions in 3 easy steps

1. Click here to Download Email/Telephone Consultation Form (MSWord) 126KB

2. Use this link to enter payment information through PayPal's secure website


3. Recieve an answer via the method selected (e.g. phone or email) as soon as payment is recieved and the consultation can be completed by our anesthesiologist

Contact Veterinary Specialist Services for the best care available!

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